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Auckland Regional Council and Auckland Regional Transport Authority Select Impress

Impress for GIS to Integrate SAP and ESRI
January 7, 2008

Waltham, MA - Impress Software, a leading provider of packaged integration applications, today announced that it has been selected by the Auckland Regional Council (ARC) and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) in New Zealand to integrate their SAP and ESRI systems. The ARC and ARTA will implement Impress for GIS, a solution that ensures consistency of asset information between SAP and ESRI and streamlines asset management processes that span both systems.

The ARC is responsible for protecting and sustaining the region's air, soil and water resources, and ARTA is responsible for managing the growing demands on its transport systems. The ARC and ARTA manage a significant portfolio of assets, including approximately 40,000 hectares of regional parkland, 40 railway stations, rail carriages, 14 ferry wharves, and Mt. Smart Stadium.

Recently, the ARC completed an advanced asset management plan for its regional parks in accordance with the Local Government Act 2002. One of the plan's top priorities was to improve the current asset management system. The Auckland Regional Council concluded that a solution that would seamlessly integrate SAP PM with their ESRI geographical information system would significantly improve workforce productivity, decision-making and compliance.

"With our asset management strategy centered on SAP and GIS, it was important for the ARC and ARTA to find a way to fully leverage both systems in a timely and cost-effective manner," said John Holley, Group Manager Information Services from the ARC. "Impress for GIS, as a certified, fully supported and upgradeable solution, gives us confidence that we will complete the integration on time and budget, and peace of mind that our investment will be protected as we face future upgrades to SAP or ESRI."

The ARC and ARTA expect that Impress for GIS will enable employees to work more effectively in their most familiar environments. The integrated solution will also provide management with accurate and current asset information to facilitate effective decision-making for long-term financial planning and risk management.

"The Auckland Regional Council has embarked on a strategic charter to meet the region's present and future needs," explains Warren Utt, CEO, Impress Software. "We're pleased that Impress was selected to help the ARC simplify and unify its asset management approach, and believe that more and more government agencies will follow the ARC's lead as a way to more effectively manage resources and prepare for future growth."

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Impress Software is a leading provider of packaged integration applications that enable quick and cost-effective integration of project management and geographical information systems with ERP systems, resulting in streamlined business processes. Impress solutions allow integration to be completed at a fraction of the time and cost compared to custom integration solutions. Impress Software customers include global leaders such as AOL, BP, Saudi Aramco, US Army and Valero.