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Framatome ANP Selects Impress Software to Integrate SAP and Primavera

February 27, 2006

WALTHAM, Ma. - Impress Software, a leading provider of packaged integration applications for SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Project Management (EPM) customers, today announced that it has been selected by Framatome ANP, Inc. to integrate its SAP and Primavera systems in order to give controllers and schedulers more accurate data and timely visibility.

Framatome ANP, a joint subsidiary of AREVA and Siemens, is the world leader in the design, construction, modernization and maintenance of nuclear power plants and research reactors, and relies heavily on Primavera's P3e project management system to schedule, coordinate and execute its operations. In the past, Framatome ANP used software from JD Edwards (JDE) to monitor and control financial aspects of its operations. The software was loosely linked with Primavera through custom integration that only allowed data to flow in one direction. Framatome ANP has chosen to migrate from JDE to a system from SAP with a more complex project setup structure that will require a greater level of synchronization.

"I started to see challenges with integrating Primavera and SAP around 1999, when a lot of people were struggling to get their systems to work together and weren?t doing a very good job of it," said George Broman, Principal Project Manager for SAP at Framatome ANP. "After leaving the industry for a few years, I came back and learned about Impress. The fact that Impress is endorsed by both SAP and Primavera is invaluable and solves a lot of problems."

By using packaged integration applications, Framatome ANP does not have to burden IT resources that are often spread thin. Instead of allocating resources to deal with time-consuming manual data entry or custom coding, technology will handle the challenge. Framatome ANP estimates that due to the man-hours saved as a result of the new combined solution from SAP and Impress, it will recoup its investment in approximately 5 months. In addition, by working with Impress, Framatome ANP has someplace to turn to with questions or if problems arise.

"What we've done is productize the integration of common processes between two systems ? in this case, SAP and Primavera ? which leaves very little custom work or trial-and-error for customers like Framatome ANP," said Warren Utt, CEO of Impress Software. "There are many companies out there that are in the same boat. We help them get the most value from their investments in enterprise applications, while allowing them to avoid unnecessary integration risks."

Using a packaged integration application from Impress Software, Framatome ANP will benefit from:

  • Better data integrity - No reconciliation steps between systems or  dual data entry paths are required;
  • Higher productivity - Reduced manual data entry and manpower required to update two systems means decreased handling costs;
  • Lower support costs - Standard process configuration ensures the same data moves between SAP and P3e;
  • A long term, reliable solution - A proven technology via partnerships with SAP and Primavera, in place of custom integration; and
  • Dynamic synchronization to maximize SAP's functionality - Users have higher confidence to make decisions based on the system?s information. Accurate delivery of consistent data leads to quality improvement in project execution, monitoring and control.

These new advancements in Framatome ANP's infrastructure, and the benefits they will provide, ideally position the company to take advantage of future market opportunities. "Overall energy prices and environmental concerns such as carbon dioxide emissions are driving a renewed interest in nuclear power," Broman added. "We're likely to see new construction in the near-future, and Framatome ANP will need an efficient platform to operate on when this happens. A key part of that platform is integration."About Impress SoftwareImpress Software is a leading provider of packaged integration applications that enable quick and cost-effective integration of project management and geographical information systems with SAP, resulting in streamlined business processes across multiple enterprise systems. Impress solutions allow integration to be completed at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional EAI development platforms. Impress Software customers include global leaders such as Bayer, BP, DuPont, Halliburton and Valero.

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